Wow! Great! Hurrah! Incredible! Whee! These are the sounds users shout out when they get Barbara Bang Jackpots! And this is not surprising because online jackpots from our company do not require additional conditions from players. We create exciting and transparent never-to-be-forgotten jackpots to avoid complications and simplify the life of gamers and partners. Therefore, it encourages the user to
stay on the gaming portal longer in pursuit of a big prize.


Our team was holding the Big Bang tournament, which was open to all partners. The prize fund was 500,000 euros and was provided entirely by Barbara Bang. This event lasted throughout the year, and the prize payouts were weekly. Also, our team is open to unique collaborations and ready to create new tournaments for your business with personal conditions.


Our company’s analytics department researches different markets and understands which bonuses will work best on a particular continent or in one specific country. It may be gift spins, gift-free spins, daily quests, achievements, and everything that can be invented, imagined, and fantasized. Barbara Bang always offers and chooses the best for users together with you to make business decisions in demand.


Accurate statistics, easy content management, and complete customization for partner's needs — this is what we offer to your business in our back-office within the framework of productive cooperation. All features are aimed at increasing the player lifetime value. Results from the partnerships of Barbara Bang show a boost in one player's betting level and a more frequent return of the user to partner's gaming platform.

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