This tool automatically provides bonuses, enhancing player participation and loyalty. It contains daily cash prizes, a loyalty scale and a progressive Jackpot. The Drops&Wheels Program helps to retain players and make them exclusive as they progress in the Loyalty Scale only within a particular casino.


​​Barbara Bang hosts network and local tournaments. The mechanics of these events enable prize distributions in the form of cash and Free Spins. This feature proves instrumental in attracting new players, enhancing player retention, and improving overall performance metrics.


Barbara Bang provides Free Spins via API for all games, enabling partner casinos to conduct marketing campaigns aimed at player retention and reactivation. In addition, this approach allows casinos to introduce players to new additions in their game portfolio.

Exclusive Branded Games

Barbara Bang offers extensive crafting options for games, allowing the top casino slots to be personalized to match the brand. This tool enhances player trust and expands the portfolio with customized products.

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